The Primary Function of a Living Organism is to Produce Energy

The ability to produce and utilize energy is the hallmark of a living being. If you take two twins that are identical in every way, and one dies, the only difference is that the one who died no longer has the ability to produce and utilize energy. This one key difference determines everything about your state of health.

Ultimately, All Chronic Illness is Fatigue

If you look at every major chronic illness: heart disease, cancer, allergies, chronic pain, depression, etc., they all have a common denominator…the inability to effectively produce and utilize energy, also known as “fatigue”.
The Creator designed your body with its own self-healing mechanisms so that you may heal yourself when sick or injured. You get a cut on your arm, leave it alone, and it heals by itself. You catch a cold or a virus, get some rest, and it heals on its own. Now think, if that applies to cuts and colds, why wouldn’t this self-healing ability apply to ALL forms of endogenous illness. Why can’t you self-heal from more serious illness such as heart disease, gastritis, and arthritis?

Actually, many people do in fact self-heal from serious illness and disease with seemingly no explanation. This process is called “remission” in conventional medicine. It’s a fancy way of saying “it just went away on its own.” I will argue that there is no such thing, something had to have happened for the illness to disappear, and that something is that the innate self-healing abilities of the body kicked in and resolved the illness. And as hard as it may be for us to accept, the body has self-healing abilities that are currently far beyond our comprehension and understanding.

So how come some people self-heal from serious illness, while other less fortunate ones do not and have to suffer through disease and doctor’s appointments (both conventional and alternative)? Why is it that in some people this self-healing ability is functional and alive, while in others it seems to be broken?

The answerlies in the ability to produce and utilize energy. Those who have it, self-heal from almost anything and live long, healthy lives. Those who don’t have it, suffer constant health problems and live life as a struggle.
You see, every cell in your body must conduct certain functions for it to survive. These functions include cell repair, cell division/replication, immune, detoxification, respiration, and metabolism. This applies to every cell in your body from your heart to your brain to your muscles…all of them. When treating a patient with chronic illness, you cannot isolate one function vs. another and you cannot “target” certain parts of the body because all parts of the body are interconnected as a whole. What you need to know is that all of these cell functions, in all parts of the body, will only happen if all of the cells can produce and utilize energy.

“Energy” is a broad term here and it is purposefully so. You cannot give the body a specific energy for one function vs. another. That is known as “micromanagement” and the body does not respond well to that kind of treatment. Give the body the energy that it needs to heal and it will do so. Don’t give the body energy and then try to dictate how it will use it. Trust that the infinitely complex self-repair mechanisms will do its job perfectly if it has the energy to do so.

Energy = ATP = Qi

In conventional medicine, the basic unit of energy in the body is known as adenosine triphosphate or “ATP”. ATP is a molecule produced by the mitochondria of each cell and is used to conduct the various cell functions that we spoke about earlier.

In Chinese Medicine, the most similar concept to ATP is that of “Qi” (“chee”). If you speak a foreign language, then you already know how difficult it is to translate certain words into English, “Qi” is one of those difficult words to translate. Qi roughly translates to “living energy” or “vital force”. Qi is the energy that animates you and makes you alive. If you take two twins that are identical in every way, and one dies, the one who died no longer has Qi in the body.

Qi is thus similar to the western concept of ATP, yet it is not exactly the same. Qi contains the parameters of ATP yet goes beyond it. The term “Qi” also has emotional and psycho-social connotations in addition to describing physical vitality. Someone with good health and physical strength has plenty of Qi. Yet abundant Qi also connotes a peaceful psychological disposition. It connotes a person who is at peace with himself, his environment, his station in life, and is able to give and receive pure love from others.

If the Ultimate Cause of Illness is a Lack of Energy, the Cure is to Increase Energy

Regardless of the label or diagnosis, you will see certain commonalities in every form of chronic illness. These commonalities include: fatigue, pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, and yes…tumors (both benign and malignant). Of all these commonalities, fatigue is the most important one as it is the one that starts the downward spiral of disease and degeneration in the body. The lack of cellular energy is the initial and primary cause of tissue degeneration as it inhibits the ability of the body to repair and regulate itself.
It follows then that the ultimate cure for chronic illness is to increase cellular energy in a broad, systemic, and non-specific fashion. That term “non-specific” is important as it emphasizes a wholistic (“wholistic” is spelled with a “w” meaning “whole body”) approach to healing that views the organism as a complex web of physiological, emotional, and mental processes that all depend upon energetic currency to function at optimum.

Our Method of Increasing Qi/Cellular Energy

There are many schools of thought in wholistic medicine regarding how to increase Qi or cellular energy. In our humble opinion, we feel that the clinical model we use at Natural Chinese Medicine is one of the best, if not THE best in the field of wholistic medicine. We make this claim based upon thousands of successful cases over the past ten years of practice. Patients have come to us from all over the world with “incurable” illnesses and the vast majority of them have been healed (or I should say, been re-programed to heal themselves) with our simple, yet effective approach that stays true to the original principles of Chinese Medicine.

The principles we use are thousands of years old and can be traced back to the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), China’s oldest medical text written circa 200 B.C. You see, currently there are many different schools and approaches to acupuncture. Some schools (such as ours) have stayed true to the ancient ways and emphasize a macro, wholistic approach. Other schools claim to be more “modernized” and try to replicate western medical principles by treating the body in isolated parts. We feel that our approach is unique in that it strictly adheres to the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine and does not deviate from them. Basically…we are purists.

In our method of treatment, we use acupuncture, herbs, whole food supplements, and lifestyle changes to restore the self-healing mechanism in the patient. While the methods we use may be similar to others, the approach that we take to them is radically different in that we do not focus on treating specific complaints or symptoms, we focus on treating the whole person by restoring cellular energy to the entire body. We do this by monitoring the level of Qi in the person’s meridian system. We focus our efforts on doing what needs to be done to increase the level of Qi in the patient on a week by week basis. As long as it’s getting stronger and more abundant, we can be sure that the patient is healing on a physical, as well as mental/emotional level.

I guess the best way to illustrate this is to give an example. Let’s say a patient has high blood pressure and wants to naturally reduce it without medications. Remember that the body never does anything unless it has a good reason to. So if the patient’s blood pressure is elevated there is a reason why. Maybe the arteries in the neck that provide blood to the brain are constricted, and thus the heart NEEDS to pump harder to get the blood to the brain so you don’t die. Maybe the adrenal glands are no longer regulating sympathetic/parasympathetic balance and the blood pressure is elevated. Maybe there’s a lack of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and thus the vessels cannot relax. Maybe an underlying hyper-thyroid condition is elevating the blood pressure. Maybe there’s an allergy the patient is exposed to that’s causing the heart to pump harder. Chronic infections including candida can elevate blood pressure. Sodium/potassium imbalances can do it. The point I’m trying to make is that there could be AT LEAST twenty different causes for the high blood pressure. I’m also trying to say that there is almost never ONE cause for the illness. By the time stuff has gotten really bad there are usually several things causing it all at the same time. The high blood pressure is a symptom of something wrong in the body just like the “check engine” light on your dashboard is a sign that something is wrong with your car engine.

If you took your car to the mechanic, and he popped open the dashboard and removed the “check engine” light so it wasn’t flashing anymore, then claimed that he just “fixed” your car…you’d think he was an idiot.

Yet the same thought process is applied if you have high blood pressure and the doctor only focuses on bringing the number down without addressing the underlying cause of the high blood pressure.

At Natural Chinese Medicine, we would view this situation the same way we would view any situation of ill health…an inability to effectively produce and utilize energy. If the body had enough ATP, enough Qi, whatever cause was producing the high blood pressure would be naturally healed by the body. This is because every cell in your body will now be functioning at a higher level of efficiency. And since every part of your body is connected to each part, the entire organism will start to heal. This includes not only the high blood pressure, but any other ailments that the patient has.

Although we used high blood pressure as an example, this analogy applies to all aspects of chronic illness. This includes: pain, inflammation, immune disorders, neurological disorders, hormonal disorders, and anything that involves an inability of the body to produce and utilize energy.

Does this sound too good to be true? Does it sound too simple?

Please realize that our society has conditioned us to believe that health and disease is a complicated affair. The modern paradigm of treating the body as an isolated collection of parts is actually less than 300 years old. Please realize that we are offering an “alternative” view of the disease paradigm that comes from another culture that is thousands of years old and uses a radically different way of looking at health and disease. Whatever illness you are coming to us with, I’m assuming you’ve already tried western medicine for it, with limited results, and are now looking for a different approach. You can be comforted knowing that ours is definitely a different approach.

We realize and understand that our thought process may sound too simple to work, yet we ask that you give us 6-9 weeks (our standard time frame for an initial healing cycle) to PROVE it to you.

Give your body the time and nourishment it needs to regain energy, strength, and vitality. For most patients no matter how sick, this is a 6-9 week initial healing cycle. Follow the five lifestyle factors as best as you can. Do NOT miss your weekly acupuncture appointments for any reason (otherwise there is no point in doing this at all) and do not skip taking the supplements we have recommended for you as they are a vital part of this process.
You will be more than happy with the results.

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