Ancient Medicine….Modern Healers

“The whole art of the true physician is exerted to induce nature to interfere and take up the case of his patient; and when he sees signs of her gracious presence, he only reverentially looks on, and confines himself to removing impediments in her way.”

-Dr. James Esdaile (1808-1859)

We are a natural medicine center combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern clinical nutrition.
We specialize and excel in natural, drug-free solutions for neurological disorders, immune disorders, chronic and acute pain, endocrine disorders, and pediatric disorders.

Since early 2003, we have built a strong reputation in the Rockland/Bergen area as the last resort for “medical throw-aways” and all conditions that have not responded to conventional medicine. Our patients have come to us from as far as California, Italy, Canada, and Germany to receive healing after all other methods have failed.

For us, the practice of medicine is a labor of love. It is the outgrowth of a spiritual principle that we are all one. We feel blessed and privileged to be able to care for the suffering of our community. To this end, we offer care that is individualized, high quality, compassionate, and affordable. We believe that good holistic medical care should not have to cost a fortune and should be available to all who need it.

Our philosophy is to treat the individual first and the disease second. We recognize that the human body is designed to heal itself, and has its own self-healing abilities that modern science has only begun to understand. We adhere to the traditional vitalistic schools of medicine (both Eastern and Western) that view the true art of the healer to be the cultivation of the intelligent life force within the patient. When this life force is strong and unrestricted, the body’s own self-healing abilities will restore the patient to total health.

The vast majority of our patients are healed through a blend of the ancient healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary counseling) along with modern, cutting-edge nutritional supplementation. The care that we provide is simple in concept, yet powerfully effective because we focus on the root causes of the patients’ illness…and not just their symptoms.

In the spirit of love for those who seek our help, the ultimate goal is for our patients to live fuller lives through the attainment of complete physical, mental, and spiritual health. Because we want our patients to become independent, we educate them on the cultivation of life through nutrition, gentle exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits.
Our clinicians, Ken Andes, L.Ac. and Yeon Elly Park, L.Ac., are both nationally board certified in acupuncture as well as Chinese Herbal Medicine (NCCAOM). They are both graduates of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, the nation’s most prestigious school for acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and together they offer over 30 years of combined training and experience in natural medicine.

This website was created for you, the prospective patient who is looking for “out of the box” solutions to chronic health problems that no one else has been able to solve. It is intended as a vast educational resource on a theory of health restoration that is considered to be “alternative” even within the field of alternative medicine. It is not designed to sell you anything or convince you to make an appointment, only to educate you on what we do so you can decide if our clinic is for you.