How to Get Started and What Happens

First, please be sure to read the information on our website so you realize what to expect from us as a clinic. I especially recommend you read the section on “Principles that we follow” to understand our approach.

But if you don’t have the time or desire to read all that, here’s a quick summary of what our office is like and the principles it is founded on:

  1. We believe that the body is capable of healing itself from almost any illness as long as it is given the right conditions.
  2. The right condition for self-healing involves three things:
    1. Detoxifying the body of toxic chemicals and cellular waste while supporting the elimination organs such as the liver, kidneys, and bowels.
    2. Correcting individual nutrient deficiencies that are not allowing the body to function at an optimal level. This also includes supporting digestion and the absorptive abilities of the body.
    3. Harmonizing the self-communication grids of the body so that the vitally important function of intercellular communication can happen normally, and the body can begin to heal itself. This is done through correcting the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians. We believe that the body is programmed by the Creator to survive and self-regenerate. It is only when the internal communication lines (manifested through the acupuncture meridians) are disturbed that the body does not perform the function of self-regeneration.
  3. To accomplish the above three goals, we use a combination of three healing modalities:
    1. Sujok acupuncture (a specialty form of acupuncture that combines modern neurology with ancient Chinese meridian theory)
    2. Nutritional Therapy that is customized to the patient using both dietary changes and whole-food supplements.
    3. Chinese Herbal Medicine which is designed to restore proper communication lines within the body.

Second, call the office at (201) 818-1588 and ask to set up an appointment for an initial assessment. The office manager will let you know when a new appointment is available.

Sometimes we have a bit of a waiting list for new patients, but please be patient and especially reassured that you will be receiving the best natural medicine care in the area…which is why the waiting list.

Third, on the day of your first appointment we will discuss the nature of your state of health and what your goals are for treatment. We will do a full physical assessment of you using various forms of acupuncture meridian analysis, pressure point reflex testing, and other traditional methods. All of our assessment methods are non-invasive, safe and painless.

After we assess you we will tell you three things:

  1. Whether or not we can help you. Honesty comes first. If we don’t feel that it would be worth your time and money to come to us, we will tell you upfront…and try to recommend a more appropriate place for you to receive care.
  2. If we do think we can help you, we will tell you how long it will take for you to expect to see dramatic improvements in your health. For example a person may come with a chronic illness of 10 years duration, we may tell him (depending on what we find during the assessment) that it will take three months of care to feel 50% better.
  3. That last point is very important, because it allows us to hold ourselves accountable to the patient and gives a deadline for us to reach a certain result. If that result is achieved, we will continue care until the patient is satisfied, assuming they are continuing to make steady progress. If the result is not achieved in the specified time frame, care is stopped as we do not want to keep treating the patient if initial results are not seen in a timely manner.
  4. We will also tell you what we expect you to do as a patient. This will usually involve taking certain nutritional supplements that we feel will help your recovery, as well as making dietary changes such as reducing grains and sugar.
  5. After this, you are encouraged to ask questions about your care and to “sleep on it” to decide if NCM is right for you.
  6. Please understand that starting the doctor-patient relationship not only involves you deciding whether or not you want to work with us, it also involves us deciding whether or not we want to work with you.
  7. If you do decide to be treated at NCM, on your next visit we will begin the acupuncture sessions and move you on the road back to health.

Please note: We do NOT treat people on the first visit. The first visit is for the assessment only. Yes, I realize that most other acupuncture clinics treat on the first visit…but that is them and not us. There are two reasons for this. The first is that acupuncture may not be appropriate for them, in which case it would not be good for the patient. The second is that even if acupuncture is appropriate for them, we will often want them to PREPARE for the first acupuncture treatment by doing some lifestyle modifications and taking certain supplements for a few days before their first treatment.

We are not your typical acupuncture clinic and our treatments are very powerful. They affect change in people at a deep level and create a lasting healing effect. Because of this we often want patients to prepare for their first acupuncture session after their initial assessment.

For follow-up visits, we usually see patients once per week. Some severe conditions may require twice per week in the initial stages, but we will let you know what would be best for you.

Office visits range anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. We are usually on time and will not keep you sitting in a waiting room.